Welcome back!

Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy. PTSO recently met with Mr. Brown and Mr. Stallings. A HUGE WELCOME to both as they begin the year in their new positions. We are excited to work alongside Mr. Brown and his team!

The Welcome Back breakfast this past Monday went very well. McAlisters delivered boxed breakfasts which included sandwiches, yogurt, and fruit. We had coffee, juice, water, and muffin donations as well as trays of Firecracker Burst cookies in West colors. Special thank you to Cherie Walker for handling the Freshman Building by herself. I saw various posts from other schools and was very proud of what we provided West!!!

Based on our meeting with the principals, what we know with 100% certainty is that everything is currently uncertain.  We also know that PTSO will be as supportive, positive, responsive, and flexible as we can be throughout the year. We have a large role in demonstrating and communicating a positive message. This may be one of our largest jobs this entire school year!

Staff and Administrators are working as fluidly and quickly as they can with every changing information. Schedules are being adjusted as rapidly as possible. When the VLO was reopened, this created the need to adjust schedules again.

At this time Open Houses will be held virtually. I am hoping we can receive a plug from Mr  Brown or speaks briefly.  Membership is being coordinated by Elizabeth Bruggen in the hopes that we can collect members and dues virtually.

The Train Show was cancelled by those who run the show. They were gracious enough to donate $1,000 to Lakota. The Craft Show is undecided, but it does not sound like it will occur this year. September 1st will be the latest date for the decision to cancel.

Homecoming is another event that may be cancelled. This is a district decision and not within Mr. Brown’s control. The Boosters have already cancelled FFN- Future Firebirds Night and the Pig Roast. Booster Bash is up in the air and has already been rescheduled once or twice. We have all watched as sports unfold.

Another noteworthy item is the food and clothing pantry at West. This is used as an emergency pantry for the students. It was widely used last year and an invaluable resource to Administration. Please watch for more info to come on this topic - donations will be needed throughout the year.

Our first meeting will be held next Tuesday at 7:00PM. I will be emailing a link for a Zoom meeting and providing an agenda and budget. At this point the District has asked that meetings be held virtually. We will send out a full list of meeting dates soon. Other events will literally be handled on a week by week basis. Volunteers as a whole will not be allowed in the schools this year.

Please keep an eye on PTSO Twitter and Facebook. As many have seen, Senior Parking Space Painting has gone well. Additional times have been shared on Facebook.

Welcome back again to what will be a very interesting yet fun year. This will all be what we make of it so let’s make it the very best!!!! We appreciate this group of volunteers and look forward to the first meeting next week.


J & J

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